Oink Events

Past Events


 Storymode Dungeon

Do you have some characters that need to unlock explorable modes? or if you just want to do story line dungeons come join [Oink] on our story dungeon event. Please check guild announcement in-game for more details

 Cards against [OINK]

Our first outside of game event, will be held this Friday 10th of October. All members are welcome to join, we will be playing an online clone game of Cards against humanity.
The website is: http://pyz.socialgamer.net/index.php all you need is to create a nickname and find out what server and room name to join.
Everybody is welcome to join our TS3 server for this event.


[Oink] Lottery is a member only lottery to obtain funds for the guild. How does it works? Simple any member who would like to participate will donate 1 Gold to Pink Puff VIA in-game mail. Pink Puff will send back mail confirming your entry and a ID number. (Max of 3 tickets or 3 gold)


The event consist on a 1V1 battle in Sir Piggybank Arena, with a double elimination round. The matches will be pair randomly and it will be best of 1 battles to pass to the second round.
Losers will be put on a “All or nothing” tree to redeem themselves, Winners will go on on the Challenger tree.


The Jumping Puzzles are already pre-selected, all members must start from the same spot at the same time.
All classes/skills are free to use, you can even tag along with a friend to help each other. Remember there is only ONE winner and Runner-ups, is up to you to decide if you want to run SOLO or make a truce with another person to help each other.