What is Sir Piggybank?

In short, Sir Piggybank [Oink] is a small semi-casual guild founded on Isle of Janthir [NA] filled with awesome people!


Sir Piggybank was founded initially as a personal bank (hence the awesome name), but after a couple of months of looking for a guild and being in large guilds where you are just another name on a roster, a couple of friends decided to make Sir Piggybank [Oink] into a guild for fellow players who enjoy a small, friendly environment.


The primary focus of the guild is to enjoy the beautiful world of Tyria by dungeons, fractal of the mists, World vs World, etc. with friends. We strive to complete dungeons fast by keeping up-to-date with the meta builds and learning the latest strategies, but unlike most hardcore speed-clearing guilds, belittling, arrogance, or “elitist” behavior is not tolerated. Helping others and being a team player is one of the foundations of this guild.


We utilize TeamSpeak3 for not only guild activities but also as a place to hang out and chat.

We do not enforce a 100% representation but is highly recommended as we want to establish a close-knit community rather just being a LFG tool. Reasonable exceptions include Teq/Wurm kills, WvW, PvP, and personal guild banks.

For veteran players, we ask that you have a good knowledge of your class and the game mechanics, up-to-date with the latest meta builds, and a helpful and respectful attitude towards others.

For new players, we ask that you only have a helpful and respectful attitude. We will help you learn, just don’t be afraid to ask :).


Our rank system is fairly straight-forward. You start off as an initiate (Piglet) to see if you fit into the guild’s culture. After participating in guild events like dungeons, WvW, and guild activities, you will be promoted to the rank of Oink, the equivalent of an established member. For becoming an officer, please talk to one of our Fluffies or Piggybanks for more detail.


Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/sirpiggybank

For more information or guild invite, please contact the following individuals:

Guild Wars 2:
1) Sunil (Mummer.4265)
2) Nadia (Rakki.4358)

Diablo 3, Overwatch: